Choosing appropriate Longboard Trucks

Well, whether you have previous exposure to Longboard equipment or not, with very minimal description one can never get this wrong. To help you get a clear picture of what a Longboard truck is, here a simple brief:-

A Longboard truck is largely a T-shaped piece of metal that supports the lower side of the deck also connected to the wheels. It is a core component of any Longboard without which the device is incomplete and cannot function.

As the name suggests, it is for the longer skateboards and not the standard versions. All the Longboard skates require two trucks. In a way, they serve similar functions as the other models although there is a significant difference concerning their features.


For example, the Longboard truck hangers are considerably wide so as to take into account the bigger deck size it supports. Mostly the deck hanger measures between 150mm and 180mm. Also, therefore, each particular product for the two types of boards cannot be interchangeable whatsoever. Please visit the website for more information about the Longboard trucks!

When purchasing this item, it is worth noting that it has several distinct parts namely the kingpin, the hanger, the bushings, and the axle. Each of these can be bought and fixed separately.  Here is a brief description of the parts:-

  1. The axle is the pin that runs inside the hanger; it is also where the wheels are attachable at both ends.
  2. The hanger is the largest and triangular like structure which supports the axle.
  3. The kingpin is the big bolt fitting inside the bushings which also holds the truck parts together.
  4. Bushings are soft rings around the kingpin that allows smooth turning.

Longboard Decks

One critical feature of a Longboard skates is the deck. A primary characteristic is a long and flat surface that a rider stands on while riding. At a glance, it may appear to be similar to ordinary skateboard decks, but in reality, they are not entirely identical. They are significantly longer just as the name suggests with regular ones falling between 33″ and 60″.

Most Longboard decks crafting is by joining several layers of plywood. Bamboo and Maple are the most used materials although other forms of substances are also usable in making the products. For example, carbon fiber Longboard decks are also available. Creations from carbon fiber are however the most expensive and are considered a preserve for professional riders.

In many circumstances, they form an excellent alternative for cruising, free riding and downhill racing among other uses. Many people also use them as a quick transport mechanism over certain distances. longboard-decks

They are available in many forms and designs hence each different riding plan finds fitting equipment. When you are out seeking for a new product, the length, shape, width, and material used to create the device should guide your decision in getting a perfect match.

Besides, they tend to have a longer life stint compared to the other decks. It is mainly because the degree of usage is not up to the level of short ones. Proper care and protection from extreme conditions such as rainfall ensure it serves you for extended periods.

Many riders prefer long boards because they move faster. The bigger deck size enables even distribution of weight hence a greater balance.